Palm Vein Technology

Fujitsu PalmSecure

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PalmSecure is the most ideal choice for public projects involving Biometrics:

  • PalmSecure uses the contactless method of scanning which ensures hygiene and resolves any psychological resistance the users may develop for touching the same sensors again in public
  • Since the vein patterns are internal in the body, attempts to forge an identity are extremely difficult, thereby enabling a high level of security
  • Can be integrated and used in multifactor authentication process

About PalmSecure

PalmSecure is a step forward in Biometric technology, which goes beyond the surface and authenticates users on the basis of blood vein pattern recognition.

PalmSecure records the vein patterns that are unique to each individual by emitting near-infrared rays that are absorbed by deoxidized hemoglobin present in blood flowing through a user's palm veins. This causes an image of the palm to be captured as a vein pattern, which is then verified against the user's pre-registered pattern to grant (or deny) access to a physical location or computer network.