For FbF Applicant (Civil) LiveScan

Maintenance & Support pricing

Fulcrum Biometrics’ Maintenance & Support Program three different tiers of protection for your FbF LiveScan software. All tiers, including the BUDGET plan, provide a free access to our Self-Serve Knowledge base, patches and bug fixes, access to training videos, phone and help desk support, and remote PC support.

The STANDARD plan adds to that free installation of major upgrades, free reinstallation of software on new computers, faster phone response times, and free printer alignments.

The PREMIUM plan adds advance replacement of hardware, priority phone response with a dedicated phone line, and an annual health check of your system.

Access to Self-Serve Knowledgebase (24/7/365) * * *
Live Help Monday - Friday 7am-10pm CST 7am-10pm CST 8:30am-5:30pm CST
Phone Support Response Time Immediate to 60 Minutes 8 business hours 16 business hours
SOFTWARE UPDATES: Installation of major upgrades * * Additional $300
SOFTWARE UPDATES: Re-installation of software * * Additional $300
SOFTWARE UPDATES: Table Updates/ Bug Fixes/ Configs * * *
Printer Alignments * * $150/hour
Help Desk/Ticket Support * * *
Remote PC Support * * *
Access to Training Videos * * *
Online Chat Support * *
Advance Replacement of Hardware *
Special Telephone "Hotline" *
Annual System Health Check *
Multi-year Prepaid Discount Available *

Major and Minor Upgrades are defined as follows:

  1. Major Upgrades/Updates
    • Newer version of the same product where changes may not be backward-compatible with existing systems/processes.
    • Fixing security vulnerabilities
    • Adding new features, functionality and/or enhancements of significance
  2. Minor Upgrades/Updates
    • Changes that are backward-compatible with existing systems/processes
    • Fixing certain bugs and UI elements deemed non-critical
    • Improving performances and usability

Important Information

  • Initial purchase of new FbF LiveScan requires a MINIMUM MANDATORY purchase of Standard M&S.
  • The start date (and anniversary) of M&S will be the first day of the month after the first 30 days of ownership.
  • Plans are priced per system per site.
  • We will no longer provide support on a per-hour basis, except as may be necessary for exceptional support situations.
  • Customer may upgrade plans at any time. There is no pro-rating of the price. Customer may not downgrade a plan until the anniversary of the purchase.
  • M&S prices apply to the base app and all LSPs.
  • Multi-year discounts are available for M&S for STANDARD and PREMIUM plans--$50 discount for each year up to two extra years


Remedies for M&S Lapses

Should a customer’s M&S plan expire without being renewed…

  • As stated above, the start date of M&S will be the first day of the month after the first 30 days of ownership. The due date of all M&S will remain aligned with this start date (no pro-rating as part of a remedy), plus 30 days “grace” period.
  • The customer must pay a Reinstatement Fee as follows:
Duration of M&S Lapse
Under 1 full year $150
After 1 year $300
After 2 years $750
After 3 years $1,200
After 4 years N/A
  • The current year’s M&S must be paid, backdated to the original anniversary date.
  • Lapsed M&S users who resubscribe must choose Standard or Premium for the first year returning.
  • Once satisfied, a returning M&S customer may, after paying all reinstatement fees and applicable software charges and installation charges, have a reinstallation, or a new LSP or a major upgrade installed.

For additional information about Fulcrum’s annual maintenance and support, email